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The Walking Dead - HERE's NEGAN - english / COOP 1 - 5 players

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The Walking Dead - HERE's NEGAN - english / COOP 1 - 5 players

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Here’s Negan is a co-operative board game for 1 to 5 players, based on The Walking Dead comic-book series. Each player takes the role of a Survivor, recruited by the ruthless Negan. Under Negan’s instructions, the Survivors must battle to clear out a large factory complex to create a safe haven in the brutal wilderness. By scavenging supplies, securing key objectives and fighting the walking dead, the players hope to win Negan’s favour and ultimately become his top lieutenants.

6 Plastic Survivors - Negan, Dwight, Laura, John, Tara, and Sherry
12 Plastic Walkers
5 Survivor Cards
5 Activation Tokens
6 Stamina Counters
Negan Reference Card
Walker Reference Card
4 Fire Tokens
5 Reputation Trackers
8 Supply Tokens
26 Walker Tokens
3 Action Tokens
20 Doors
4 Locked Doors
5 Gasoline Barrels
2 Air Ducts
15 Security Tokens
8 Scenery Tokens
16 Board Tiles
9 Walker Entry Point Markers
1 Exit Point Marker
1 Threat Tracker
27 Event Cards
24 Room Cards
24 Negan Action Cards
24 Supply Cards
8 Dice
1 Lucille First Player Token
Here's Negan Rulebook

Miniatures are made from plastic and are supplied assembled and unpainted.

1 - 5 players
Age: 14+
Duration: 30 - 90 minutes
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